Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has launched a weekly newsletter to give an update on the “progress and problems” of the inclusive government, writes a journalism.co.za correspondent.

The newsletter, written by staff in the Prime Minister’s office, hit the streets of Harare on Wednesday and will be distributed throughout the country free of charge.

Tsvangirai is currently on overseas trips meant to restore relations with the European Union, its key allies and the United States.

The newsletter has a print run of 40 000 copies.

The PM's office said plans were underway to engage weekly newspapers in the country to carry the newsletter as an insert in their papers for easy distribution.

Tsvangirai said in his notes the newsletter's purpose was “to report back to you, the people, the progress and problems of the Inclusive Government and to keep you informed about what your government is doing”.

“This is in line with the new governance culture of transparency and accountability, which is one of the key commitments of the global political agreement. This newsletter is also an opportunity for you to air your own views and opinions about the new political dispensation and I look forward to hearing from you.”

Tsvangirai's launch of a newsletter comes against a growing chorus calling for urgent media reforms as agreed in the political settlement document.

Members of Parliament have moved a motion for government to urgently address the matter of media reform as contemplated in Article 19 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA).

The members of parliament expressed concern over the slow progress that has been made towards achieving media plurality and diversity as well as disturbance by the executive’s failure to bring before parliament amendments to legislation that curtails media freedom.

The MPs also noted the continued bias and lack of paradigm shift in the public media, citing in particular the Herald and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

They argued that the state media has continued with its encouragement of Zanu PF as opposed to a new political shift demanded by the GPA.