AFRIKAANS entertainment channel kykNET on Monday revealed that it is suing strip club chain Teazers for using the channel's logo on billboards to advertise their services,  writes Buhle Hlatshayo on

According to a letter issued by kykNET attorneys, Teazers "unauthorised use of the mark kykNET's detrimental to the character and repute of kykNET's well-known name, and therefore amounts to trademark infringement".

Teazers owner Lolly Jackson said it was ridiculous that he is being sued because he never had the channel in mind when making the billboard, and that the whole aim of the advertisement was to cater to the Afrikaans market.

"The rules at Teazers is that you can look and but can't touch, and hence the slogan 'kyk net', it's not related to the channel in anyway," said Jackson.

kykNET's attorney's also said that the channel had spent considerable time, money and effort in promoting its business and services under the logo trademark, and therefore they had obtained common law rights in it.

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