UGANDA'S Broadcasting Council has acted against radio advertisements
promoting the work of traditional healers, saying it was contributing
to an upsurge in cases of human sacrifice, writes Dennis Itumbi for

The council argued that the adverts aired between midnight and early morning promote the work of traditional healers who promise riches and wealth to their clients, while demanding payment in human parts.

In a statement signed by the chair of the broadcasting council in Uganda’s newspapers, it warned, " The Broadcasting Council has noted with serious concern, that some FM Radio Stations have been broadcasting between 12.00am and 5.00am in respect to a category of traditional healers who purport to be able to give riches or wealth to their clients."

"The Uganda Police Force has noted there is a link between the current upsurge in cases of human sacrifices and the search for wealth from this category of traditional healers," read the statement.

It added: "All broadcasters are hereby reminded that the broadcast of such advertisements is contrary to the Minimum Broadcasting Standards as provided for under section 8 of the Electronic Media Act.

"The Broadcasting Council hereby directs that all broadcasters should cease to broadcast these advertisements with immediate effect," the council said.