UGANDA'S President Yoweri Museveni has re-affirmed that Central Broadcasting Station will not be allowed to re-open anytime soon, writes Dennis Itumbi for

Museveni told a group of journalists that those agitating for its re-opening should also condemn its actions. Ugandan authorities have lifted the ban on two FM radio stations closed during riots in Uganda in September.

The Chairman of the Broadcasting Council, Godfrey Mutabaazi, announced that Akaboozi ku Bbiri and Suubi FM radio stations were free to resume broadcasts on condition that they apologize publicly for their perceived incitement of the public.

Suubi FM proprietor Ahmed Bogere Masembe issued a public apology last week.

The reprieve leaves the Central Broadcasting Service (CBS) alone in the cold. In all four radio stations had been closed, including Saptiensa, owned by the Catholic Church that was re-opened within one week.

Meanwhile CBS has issued a notice of intention to sue.