About Volume

Volume is an exciting, forward-thinking podcasting company. We are home to a range of award-winning podcasts and have produced a number of them with exceptional, international clients. See more about us at ​www.volume.africa​.

We are looking for a full-time ​Sound Engineer​ to help produce our world-class podcasts.

Job — Sound Engineer — six month contract

Volume is looking for a full-time ​Sound Engineer ​who can work on a range of podcasts. They should have skills to perform a final mix, clean distorted audio, do remote recordings for clients and edit audio together into a cohesive narrative. Most importantly, they must have an interest in podcasts and be able to work with a producer to create a great product.

Skills needed

  • An interest and understanding of podcasts and how they differ technically from radio and live performance.

Please send examples of your audio work, a CV and cover letter to ​paul@volume.africa​.

Deadline for applications is 1st of Feb 2021.