Fear stalks the land of Botswana, according to a column in The Voice, Francistown. The country is going down the Zimbabwe route, with foreign journalists expelled, and concerns about spies in newsrooms.

The Voice column reads:

Intelligence Bills, Ban on foreign journalists and Survival International

It is everywhere, the fear. Before long we will be talking in hushed tones, looking over our shoulders. The loyal staff member in the newsroom could be a spy. Is this really happening to a country which used to be dubbed the jewel of Africa?

These days one has to be extra careful. Who knows who is listening? Who are the targets of the Intelligence Bill? Am I one, I wonder? Why are we so afraid of Survival International (SI) that we impose visas on journalists and foreigners linked with SI from entering our diamond clad country? What do we have to hide?

The answer dear reader is blowing in the wind.

We wonder if the President and his Vice are endorsing these disturbing developments. We can't think of the motive of those who advise the powers that be to even think of implementing such atrocities and violation of human rights. What makes our stomach turn is that we are behaving like Zimbabwe a few year ago.

Born in the Ghetto, The Voice used to be printed in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and we vividly remember how we could not write journalist on the immigration entry form.

It was taboo to even utter the word journalist on the other side of the border unless you wished to spend endless hours at the Police station explaining your visit to Zimbabwe. Now it is happening right here at home. Why?

I was disgusted that the Basarwa were denied use of a pump in the Game reserve. How can a government refuse its own people access to water? The grapevine claims this foolish act will be rectified.

Our goverment which is tasked with the governance of this country is behaving like a spoilt brat who throws a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. Get a life Botswana government.