A LUSAKA Magistrate's court has summoned The Post newspapers' entire
editorial staff to appear in the dock for contempt of court over an
article authored by a Zambian law professor based in the USA concerning
the prosecution of the newspapers' news editor, writes Chbaula Silwamba in the Daily Nation.

The summons for Wednesday this week, will be the first time in Zambian history that all members of staff of a media organization are summoned to appear in court for contempt.

In a column commentary published in The Post on August 27, 2009, United States' University of Cornell Professor of Law, Muna Ndulo described as "Comedy of Errors" the prosecution of The Post news editor Chansa Kabwela for circulating obscene matters or things tending to corrupt public morals, contrary to section 177 1(b) of the Zambian Penal Code.

During the trial of Kabwela on Friday last week, state prosecutors asked the court to cite The Post for contempt of court.

In his ruling today [Monday], Lusaka chief resident magistrate Charles Kafunda cited for contempt and summoned The Post editor-in-chief Fred M'membe, Prof Ndulo and the entire editorial staff of the newspaper to appear before him this Wednesday.

Kabwela is on trial for circulating pictures of a woman, who gave birth outside a hospital in Lusaka, during strike of nurses and doctors in Zambia.

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