Judges' reasons

The standard within this category was superior in comparison to the
previous years and as such, the judges found it a pleasure to judge.
The winning entry, however, stood head and shoulders above the
other regional finalists. There are a number of criteria against which
this entry was judged – quality of writing and balanced and fair
reporting. On the issue of news value, analysis and depth of
understanding, this entry scored exceptionally well. In fact, these may
well be the most important and far-reaching financial stories of the
past year. It created a furore and highlighted what the judges referred
to as "economic recycling".

In a world of sound bites, the power
of thorough research and analysis becomes patently clear. When reading
these pieces it is obvious that hard work, determination and insight
enhanced the basic journalism skills.

The consequences of the investigation and the resounding articles that followed will be felt for some time.

Executives' golden parachute  – 18 February 2005

Gold fields  – 18 February 2005

Executive pay shoots up from sublime to the ludicrous  – 18 February 2005

Disclosure rules have set off a race to the top  – 18 February 2005

State's top packages frugal by comparison  – 18 February 2005

Executive pay: The best of the listed bunch  – 21 February 2005
Share options boost retail bosses pay  – 21 February 2005
No surprise that bankers get some of the best remuneration packages  – 21 February 2005

Quality of corporate disclosure is dismal

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