Applications must be submitted no later than 6 November 2015.


• Be responsible for the strategic focus and direction of news and information services (including sport, traffic and finance).
• Develop a joint editorial policy but at the same time maintain the independence of the newsroom.
• Promote communication between the various news staff and share specific news items that will interest the various markets.
• Maintain an editorial mix that appeals to listeners.
• Plan, develop, direct and operate all facets of the news department efficiently.
• Lead and develop a team of news professionals in delivering a competitive, objective and reliable news service to the station.
• Motivate and manage all news staff on an on-going basis.
• Edit all news bulletins.
• Rewrite material to align with the company’s news style.
• Manage the news department budgets.
• Continuous focus on costs, quality and efficiency.
• Network with various stakeholders and newsmakers.
• Ensure that the newsroom develops a professional and continuous relationship with contacts.
• Develop training programmes for the news team.
• Conduct regular planning, briefing and brainstorming sessions with news team.
• Evaluate the news diaries and give strategic direction.
• Ensure that the “News” brand is developed.
• Liaise with the programming department to ensure that news content is co- ordinated and followed-up across programmes.
• Liaise/Network with marketing/sales to ensure that the news brand image (to be created) is developed and assists in revenue generation.
• Liaise with the digital department to ensure that the news services are up to date.
• Oversee the News website.
• Constantly evaluate the market in terms of news services provided by other mediums.
• Manage relationships between the news department and other media organizations.
• Complete any other task assigned by the CEO.


• +/- five years’ relevant experience within the news environment
• +/- three years management experience
• Relevant degree
• Flexible working hours (must be on call 24/7)
• Own vehicle

Interested candidates can send their CVs to