Nelson Chamisa, the Minister of Information and Communications Technology, has accused ZANU PF’s Webster Shamu, the Information and Publicity Minister, of ‘over-chewing’ into his mandate and trying to usurp his responsibilities, reports Lance Guma on SW Radio.

Chamisa’s ministry primarily oversees the posts and telecommunications sector, while Shamu runs the publicity arm of government, including broadcaster ZBC and the state owned newspapers.

Shortly after the MDC Minister held a meeting with officials from mobile phone provider NetOne, fixed line operator TelOne and the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, about the high tariff charges affecting consumers, Shamu proceeded to have another meeting with the same group.

On Wednesday Chamisa told Newsreel the role of his ministry was to provide the ‘microphone and other gadgets’ while Shamu was responsible for the ‘content and voice.’ He said instead of the two ministries complementing each other it was ‘regrettable that some force behind’ was trying to undermine the coalition government. It’s also suspected ZANU PF wants to block Chamisa from making inquiries into the interception of phones and other communications, controversially done under repressive snooping legislation.

Asked whether ZANU PF was trying to take advantage of perceived MDC inexperience in government, Chamisa said, ‘we read widely and understand issues better than them. I have a task to educate Shamu from a communication point of view and to unlock the value of his own ministry.’ He said it was now up to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to reign in Shamu.

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